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Access Consciousness - The Foundation

access consciousness

The Foundation is about getting out of the matrix of this reality. You will begin to uncover the points of view that are limiting you and would allow you to look at life’s issues from a completely different perspective. You will discover how to truly create your life as you desire it. The practical and real life tools including some hands-on Body Processes will give you greater awareness of you and the choices that are available to you.You will get awareness of your potency and your ability to change and transform anything and everything in your life and living.

In short, you will get the keys you have been looking for that will unlock the limitations that have stopped you from having a life of Ease & Joy & Glory! It will allow you to change your life and step into the greatness of you, rather than being stuck in the excuses of ‘I don’t have money!’ ‘I don’t have time!’ ‘I am not well’.

Would you like to choose abundance now?

The Bars® class is a pre-requisite for The Foundation.

Duration 4 days